Sermon Outlines/Illustrations

Simple Statements About Salvation
Mark 1:41-2:5

I. State Of The Gloomy Sinner

A. Helpless State, Mark 2:3, Palsy
B. Hopeless State, Mark 1:43, Leprosy

II. Sympathy Of The Gracious Saviour

A. Merciful Christ, Mark 1:41, Moved with Compassion
B. Ministering Christ, Mark 2:1 and 4, In the house with a word

III. Statements Of A Great Salvation

A. Statements Of Willingness, Mark 1:41 “…I will; be thou clean.”
(His will, not my will is in question for the sinner)
B. Statements Of Wonder, Mark 2:5, "Son, thy sins be forgiven thee." 

Illustration:  The song writer, Al Smith, was asked, “How have you kept from becoming old and bitter?”  “I never lost the wonder of it all.” was his reply.



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