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Til The Storm Passes By

Never in my lifetime can I remember the onslaught of hurricanes which we are encountering lately. We have just come through Charley and Frances and now are awaiting Ivan. There is also talk of a new storm forming as we write.

In our daily Bible study we are studying through the book of James. James 1:2-4 admonishes us about times of testing. These tests can also be referred to as storms in the life of the believer.  James tells us in verse 2 to “…count (consider) it all joy (calm delight, exceeding gladness) when ye fall (be surrounded with) divers (manifold, various in character) temptations; (adversity) He goes on to say in verse 3, “Knowing (be sure of) this, that the trying (testing) of your faith (conviction of religious truth) worketh (accomplishes) patience. (endurance, constancy)  Verse 4 tells us why these times of testing come into our life. “But let patience (endurance, constancy) have her perfect (complete) work (deed), that ye may be perfect (complete) and entire (complete in every part) wanting (lacking, destitute of) nothing.” (none at all).

When hurricane Frances hit Florida it affected many lives. The least of these was our own. We were scheduled to be in Cocoa. As the storm approached the east coast of Florida, all of its occupants were evacuated. This evacuation included the pastor of the church where we were to be and our own son, Joseph and his wife Sabrina, who also live in that area. Needless to say we were a little dismayed. Not only would we miss a meeting but we would also miss spending the week with our children. We realized this was nothing compared to the devastation and loss of life that was experienced due to this storm, but in our world we did have to ask the Lord what lessons there were for us in all of this.  We had to put these verses to the test.

We knew that our God would supply our needs during this week off. He has never failed us, and He did not fail us during this storm. Instead of us going to Florida to see our children, our children came to Georgia to spend the week with us. What a blessing to have the house filled with laughter and the voices of children. At one time or the other all of the boys and their families were here. The carport was full and so were the bedrooms. As the week progressed, we have to confess, we did begin to get a little concerned. Our God is such a gracious God. Not only did He allow for us to have time that our whole family could be together, but He also met financial needs as well. Pastor Jay Frazier of Calvary Baptist Church in Cocoa, Florida, assured us that as soon as he returned home he would put a check in the mail for the week that was cancelled due to Frances. We thank him and his precious people for their giving spirit. 

This incident was used to remind us of the admonition in James. We know tests and storms will come. Verse 2 confirms this. But verse 3 allows us to be reminded that the trying of our faith (conviction of religious truth) will come so that we will experience patience (endurance, constancy). We thank the Lord for these times... times when His Word and promises are confirmed in our hearts. 

 Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support of this ministry.

Until next month,

Evangelist Tom Gilliam

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