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A Fall-Proof Faith

In this day and age of hearing of so many that have departed from the faith I am interested to know if there is a sure proof way of never falling.  II Peter 1:10 gives us insight into this thought.  The verse says, “Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall.”  This last phrase refers to all times and seasons, in hours of temptation of hideous and scandalous sins, you will continue to walk on.

But with all promises there is a condition to be considered.  The verses before this text give some insight into the conditions that will keep us from falling. Verse 10 refers to “…these things

In verse 4 we are told of “…precious promises…” that will cause us to be “…partakers of the divine nature…” (God living in us)  Verse 5 goes on to tell us that we need to give “…all diligence… (Speed, eagerness, constant care) and add to our “…faith…” (What one believes and professes to be true about God)  Then we are told of seven things to add to our faith.  These are: virtue (That which you give preeminent interest to, moral excellence), knowledge (To recognize completely through experience, indicates a relationship between the person knowing and the one known, not marked by finality but ongoing) temperance (Self control, powers that can be abused if not under the control of the Spirit of God) patience (To abide under, passive endurance, to lift it and walk on) godliness (To be devout, a piety characterized by a God-ward attitude)  kindness (Serviceable, easy to get along with, gentle, courteous) charity (Agape love, the attitude of God towards His Son and His people, conveyed by His will to His children changing their attitude to one another, express the central nature of God in ones life).

Verse 8 lets us know that if “…these things be in you…” and “…abound…” (To increase, to super abound) then you will not be “…barren…” (Inactive, lazy, useless) and “…unfruitful…” (Without fruit) in the “…knowledge…” (A full recognition of, discernment of) of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Verse 9 gives a warning about “…lacking…” (Not be near at hand) these things we will become “…blind…” (Somber, Opaque, covered over with self)  We are not to forget that we have been “…purged…” (To wash away, to cleanse) from our “…old sins.”(All of them)

If we take heed to this admonition then we are promised that we “…shall never fall.”  This is a precious promise and is backed up in scripture especially in Jude where verse 24 says, “Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy

My prayer is that I will be presented to Him with exceeding joy when I have finished this life that He has so blessed me with.

Until next time,

Evangelist Tom Gilliam

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