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Statements About Soul Winning

My heart is turned to this much-needed subject of soul winning. I don’t pretend to be an authority on the subject but am interested in becoming more actively in pursuit of souls.  As I have studied the Scripture I have learned what God’s Word has to say about the subject. 

Mark 16:15 says, “…Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”  This verse gives the MANDATE OF SOUL WINNING.  “Go” is an imperative command, not a request or desire.  To ‘preach’ means to open the mouth and proclaim or cry aloud.  Of course we know that the ‘gospel’ is the good news that Jesus saves.  The ‘world’ lets us know that we are to tell everyone not just the ones that we think should hear.  Sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone and be willing to proclaim that Jesus died for sinners. 

In John’s Gospel we are reminded of various ways that God chooses to speak to sinners about their souls.  In John Chapter One we see John the Baptist PREACHING EFFECTUALLY to his disciples.  Verse 37 tells us that after they heard John speak about Him “…they followed Jesus”.   Men of God preach from God’s Word week after week and have the joy of seeing sinners reconciled to God through His Word. 

In verse 43 we see Jesus having a PRIVATE ENCOUNTER with Phillip. He tells him to “…Follow me.”  What a blessed time it must have been in Phillip’s life to hear from Christ directly.  I have heard many testimonies of people who were so overcome with the presence of God that they had to stop what they were doing and bow before Him and ask for forgiveness. 

But the most often used method of witnessing is PERSONAL EVANGELISM. After Phillip has met the Lord he then finds Nathanael and tells him that he has found the Messiah. In verses 40-45 we also see Andrew finding his own brother Simon and also telling him about Jesus. 

What a need there is to be busy about sharing the gospel with all creatures. My desire is to become more like the disciples and proclaim or cry aloud to every creature that Jesus Saves.  

In light of this I would ask you to pray for our son Chuck as he and a team of 7 people from his church, Eagles Landing Baptist, leave for Beirut, Lebanon on Wednesday, June 1. They will spend 10 days there working with local Baptist churches.  They will be preaching and holding youth meetings as well.  As you know these are perilous times in the Middle East but they have a burden to “Go” and so are being obedient. If God directs you to do so, would you please remember to pray for these men and women that not only would God give them souls for their labor but safety as well. 

Until next time,

Evangelist Tom Gilliam

On The Road

We continue to praise God for His blessings as we go from church to church. We were reminded once again of God’s provision for us and our safety as we traveled home last Wednesday night.  At about 10:30 P.M. we noticed that not all was well with one of our tires. When we finally got the car stopped we saw that our entire steel belted tire had been cut from the rim. We stopped, called the local police, and then started to call our Emergency Road Service. It did not take us long to figure out that we had been directed to India and that gentleman did not know where Georgia was let alone Highway 138. After checking with our agent on Thursday we found out that the service was outsourced to India in the evening hours. But God who is faithful had a nice young man come by and offer to fix the tire for us.  What a comfort to our soul!  He was on the way home from a revival meeting and noticed that we needed help. God is so faithful! 


Upcoming Dates

MAY 29-JUN 1: Newago, MI
Bills Lake Baptist, Pastor Rick Tuttle

JUN 5-8 : Moody, AL
Grand Ole Gospel Baptist, Pastor Bill Davison

JUN 12-15 : Mt. Vernon, IL
Lighthouse Baptist, Pastor Frank Houston

JUN 20-24 : Taylorsville, NC
Taylorsville Campmeeting
Pastor Steve Dagenhart

JUNE 26-29 : Live Oak, FL
Southside Baptist, Pastor Aaron Turner

Be sure to visit our online calendar for dates and locations through the remainder of 2005. And be sure to visit us when we are in your area. 

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