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Waiting on the Lord

I have been meditating on the life of Simeon as a fulfillment of Malachi 3:2.  Malachi said, “Who shall abide the coming of the Lord? He will come suddenly (in a wink, quickly, without warning) to his temple.”  The Lord was silent for 400 years between Malachi and Luke until the baby Jesus broke the silence by coming to the temple.  Simeon was God’s Representative In A Dark Hour watching and waiting our Lord’s arrival.  Simeon was God’s Rest In A Dark Hour when he says ‘I can now depart in peace for I have seen the Messiah.  What rest to be ready to die even to catch the next busload out.  Simeon was God’s Revelation For A Dark Hour when he tells Mary ‘this child will be the redeemer for both Jews and Gentiles’.  I wonder when He comes ‘suddenly’ again will he find faith on the earth? (Luke 18:8)  Will He find us watching and waiting?  Jesus said, “Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh”.  The phrase ‘as ye think not’ alarms me.  Let us be on guard at the Christmas season not to be rocked to sleep by the commercialism.  It may be the time to look up for our ‘redemption draweth nigh’.  Remember, it will be at such a time ‘as we think not’.  Let us Watch and Wait.

Until next time,

Evangelist Tom Gilliam

Wonders From The Lord

As we sit and consider the WONDERS from the Lord this past
year our hearts are overwhelmed with His continued grace
and mercy.  Not only has He blessed with safety, provision,
and health He has also blessed with some added benefits. 

In June, Liberty Baptist Church in Bowden, Georgia presented
us with a new Lincoln to drive from place to place.  We are so
thankful for these people and their pastor, Ken Bowman, for
their burden to afford us the ability to ride in comfort and
without maintenance concerns.

Later Mike and Kelly Sutphin gave Beth a van that they no longer
used. Now Grandma has a way to carry all of the babies when she stays home.

Our children have also experienced the blessings of the Lord. Joe, Sabrina, and Noah continue to minister in Florida at Antioch Baptist Church. God has blessed that ministry there. Chuck, Julie, Abby, Megan, and Charlie have a very busy schedule with church, school, and home school.  John, Ali, and Zoe were blessed with the arrival of Levi Pace.  What a precious boy he is. 

Please know that we love each one of you and appreciate all that you do for us.  We especially appreciate the prayers, as we know only eternity will reveal all that God has done for us through you.  We pray that the New Year will find each of you rejoicing and thankful for all that God will do for you and to you this year. 







Workings of the Lord
Upcoming Dates!

DEC 31-JAN 1: Hendersonville, NC | East Hendersonville Baptist | Pastor Carroll Poole

JAN 9-12: Cocoa, FL |
Calvary Baptist | Pastor Jay Frazier

JAN 15-18: Mayo, FL |
Pleasant Grove Baptist | Pastor Ted Rushing

JAN 22-25: Kingston, TN |
New Midway Baptist | Pastor Doug Hinson

JAN 29-Feb 1: Burlington, NC|
Grace Memorial Baptist | Pastor Ryan Brigman

Be sure to visit our
online calendar for dates and locations through June of 2006. And be sure to visit us when we are in your area. 

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