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Had any trouble lately?

This year 2010 has been a year filled with trouble for our family. I have been reminded of Luke's words to us in Acts 14:22 where he said, that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God. I was interested in the word tribulation. It is the Latin word tribulum which was a flail used by the Romans to separate the wheat from the chaff. Our Lord sends trouble to separate the false from the real. When times of trouble come let us not lean to our own understanding, but let us trust wholly in the Lord. Trouble will separate the fleshly from the spiritual in our lives. When He is finished we shall come forth as gold and be as a mirrored image of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Open dates for Sunday only or Sunday thru Wednesday Dec. 5-8, 19-22, and 26-29.
Sunday Dates - Dec. 5, 19, and 26.

Family and Ministry News

While this has been a year of great challenges it has also been a year of tremendous blessings as well. Our youngest daughter-in-law, Sabrina, went through a trying time with cancer but God was merciful and she is now well and cancer free. As you will also be able to tell, the Lord blessed our family with two precious new grandsons. Silas was born in April í09 and Gabe arrived in April í10. We have also seen Megan and Zoe make a profession of faith and baptized.

We have traveled many miles and had precious services with some of Godís choice servants. He has provided for all our needs and given safety each week. Tom continues to preach daily on vocradio.org and also writes the Bible Studies and daily Blog. Please visit these ministries.

Thank you for all of your faithful support and prayer. Only eternity will reveal how you have helped us in this ministry. Our prayer is that God will richly bless you for your faithfulness.

Noah, Georgia, Titus and Silas   John, Zoe, Ali, Levi

Megan, Aaron, Abby, Claire, Charlie, Gabe

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