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The Benefits of Teaching

"train up a child"Certain passages become alive and real to us at various times in our lives. We find ourselves wondering if I do this and this will God do what He says He will do?  Lately I have observed various parents that are in the years of early training of their children. It is such a responsibility to raise children in this day and time. The world’s system has such a hold on them, but even though the world and it’s values have changed, God’s Word has never and will never change. It’s a constant that we can rely on when all else fails. 

During this time in our lives with our child rearing years behind us and now watching as our children raise their children our hearts are filled with Thanksgiving for God and His Word. Deuteronomy gives some clear-cut directives concerning our children. If we follow these He says in verse 3, “...that it may be well with thee, and that ye may increase mightily,...” (enlarge in process of time). Verse 2 tells us what we are to do in order to ‘increase’.  “...fear the LORD thy God,...keep all his statutes... commandments...” Verse 5 says to “...love the LORD thy God with all thine heart...soul...might.”  All of our mind, will, and emotions should reflect the love of God.  Verse 7 goes on to say to “...teach (sharpen, whet) them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest...walkest...liest down...risest up”. This is a full time job. Our responsibility is to be a constant teacher and God’s responsibility is to fulfill His Word.

Will He do as He says?  At this time of Thanksgiving we can honestly say that He has been faithful.  While we have failed many times and continue to do so God still has been faithful. We want to encourage all parents and grandparents to “keep on keeping on”. We have evidenced His faithfulness in so many ways in the lives of our children and our grandchildren. We Praise Him for His mighty work! 

Recently, I was asking our 3-year-old Zoe (John and Ali’s daughter) what her story had been in AWANA.  She told me about John baptizing Jesus. I asked her if the teacher had said that God spoke and said this is my son in whom I am well pleased. She corrected me and said, “No, Grandpa, He said this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased." Just a reminder that regardless of the their age, they are learning. Abby and Megan are full of Scripture and hymns. God has already moved upon the heart of Abby at the age of four. Now Chuck and Julie have a new responsibility, Charlie, who came into this world this past week. As I write this I am staying at the home of our youngest son Joe and his wife Sabrina. We are anxiously awaiting the birth of Noah Spurgeon. Can you imagine the joy when after dinner each night He takes the Bible and leads in family devotions. All the years of being faithful to direct our boys in the statues and commandments of the Lord has paid off.  

Regardless if you are a parent or a grandparent we can still take God at His Word. We just need to be diligent.

Thank you Lord for doing as you say you will do. Our prayer during this season is two-fold. First, pray  we will remain diligent. And secondly, pray for our children as they seek to lead their children in the ‘statutes and commandments of the Lord’.  

 Until next month,

Evangelist Tom Gilliam

A New Grandbaby

Charles (Charlie) Edward Gilliam, Jr. was born to our son Chuck and daughter-in-law, Julie, and big sisters Abby and Megan, on November 11, 2004, at 9:41 PM. He weighed 10 lbs. and 4 ozs. Charlie makes our fourth grandchild and our first boy! We are awaiting our second grandbaby boy, Noah Spurgeon, as we write and will hopefully have a picture in our next newsletter.

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