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How’s Your Inheritance?

In this era of working all you can to save all you can to leave all you can to your children only to have it all wiped away by storms, illness, or fraud, etc. one can become disheartened about inheritances.  We have heard so many sad stories after Katrina and Rita of many that lost it all.

I Peter Chapter 1 speaks of an INHERITANCE that can never be blown away, spent away, or stolen away.  For those who are the “Elect…” of God. (Vs.2)

Verse 4 tells us that we have a “…inheritance…” (A right to inherit all that the Father has) that is “…incorruptible…” (Undecayed, unending) and “…undefiled…” (no fading, not able to wither) and is “…reserved…” (Observed, guarded, protected) in heaven for you.

Verse 5 says “Who…” (The elect) are “…kept…” (Guarded continually, the guard never changes) “…unto salvation…” (Glorification, The finality of our salvation).

Verses 6 and 7 do tell us that there will be a “…season…” (Little, small, few) where we will experience “…heaviness…” (Unbearable to carry) “…through manifold (variable is size, multiple in amount) temptations:” (trials)   In 6A we see that we are to “…greatly rejoice…” (have extreme joy) at the promise of this inheritance that is promised to us because of his “…abundant mercy…” (Vs. 3)


I pray that this will bring an encouragement to your soul to realize that in light of what might be happening in your life be right now there is an INHERITANCE that is awaiting you!

Until next time,

Evangelist Tom Gilliam

Thank You!

We continue to marvel at how the Lord provides for this ministry. Liberty Baptist Church in Bowden, Georgia (Pastor Ken Bowman) gave us a new Lincoln Town Car to travel in. It’s such a blessing to have such a nice vehicle to carry us from place to place. Later in the summer Pastor Mike Sutphin and his wife Kelly gave Beth a van that they no longer needed. Now Grandma has room for just about all of her grandchildren.

We apologize for delaying the E-Newsletter.  Time just gets away from us so quickly. We thank the Lord for the busy schedule but sometimes we just can’t get it all done.

We covet your prayers and look forward to seeing you in the churches.  Thank you again for your prayers. We never take those for granted. Only eternity will reveal what your prayer did for us.

Upcoming Dates

OCT 9-12: Colonial Heights, VA
Calvary Baptist, Pastor Ray Haskett

OCT 16-19 : Drexel, NC
Trinity Baptist, Pastor Scott Moneyham

OCT 23-26 : Greensboro, NC
Church Street Baptist, Pastor Keith Purser

OCT 30-NOV 2 : Cartersville, IL
Victory Baptist, Pastor Rick Dawson

NOV 6-9 : Ashboro, NC
Fayetteville Street Baptist, Pastor Adrian Pugh

Be sure to visit our online calendar for dates and locations through the remainder of 2005. And be sure to visit us when we are in your area. 

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