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Walking Worthy

As we begin this new year of 2006 I would like to share an admonition from I Peter 2:11-15 where Peter is challenging the believers to WALK WORTHY.  He begins by calling them Dearly beloved (Ones of the same womb) and strangers and pilgrims, (having a home or dwelling place in a foreign land).  We who are the Dearly beloved must remember that we are just passing through this land.  Philippians 3:20 tells us that our conversation or citizenship is in heaven.

Peter goes on to beseech (To implore or exhort) us to abstain (To refrain from) fleshly lusts, (a longing for unregenerate, carnal things that are forbidden).  He implores us to have our conversation (Manner of life) honest (Virtuous, real, genuine) among the Gentiles :( inhabitants of the land).  Verse 12 tells us that while they may speak evil of us that our good works will cause them to glorify (See the weighty importance of) God in the day of His visitation.  What a responsibility that places on us to return good for evil regardless of what men might do to us.

Verses 13 and 14 exhort us to Submit (To get under, to obey) every ordinance (Established rules or laws) of the high ups and the locals.  This is the will of God that we may put to silence (to muzzle) the ignorance (No knowledge) of foolish (mindless, unbelieving) men:

When we consider the year before us we need to be careful that we are doing all that we can to let the world see that our God is real.  Our lives need to be a living testimony.  This seems to be more than we can ever attain to but knowing that the Holy Spirit is within us and will give us the power to live Godly in Christ Jesus will cause us to WALK WORTHY.  My prayer is that I will be careful with each step and decision that I make that my life will be real and genuine.

Until next time,

Evangelist Tom Gilliam

A New Year

We want to thank those of you who have prayed for and supported us in the past year.  The Lord afforded us much safety and allowed us to meet many new people and fellowship with many old friends.  As this New Year began we had the privilege of being with Pastor Carroll Poole in Hendersonville, NC.  This meeting is always a highlight of our year and a precious way to begin a new year of traveling.  From there we headed to Cocoa, FL to be with Pastor Jay Frazier and the great people of Calvary Baptist Church.  This was their Jubilee Meeting and God showed Himself to be mighty in those services.  While there I had the opportunity to preach at Antioch Baptist Church where my son Joe is the Pastor.  We always enjoy our visits with them as well.  At this writing I am in Mayo, FL with Pastor Ted Rushing at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.  We will get to go home this weekend and then travel on the Kingston, TN and be with Pastor Doug Hinson at New Midway Baptist Church.   We will end the month of January with Pastor Ryan Brigman at Grace Memorial Baptist Church in Burlington, NC.  Please pray that God will touch hearts and change lives through the preaching of His Word. 

Upcoming Dates!

JAN 22-25: Kingston, TN | New Midway Baptist | Pastor Doug Hinson

JAN 29-FEB 1: Burlington, NC|
Grace Memorial Baptist | Pastor Ryan Brigman

FEB 5-8: Talapoosa, GA| Providence Baptist | Pastor Mason Bush

FEB 12-15 : Cedar Town, GA|
Rolling Hills Baptist | Pastor Keith Arp

FEB 19-22: Temple, GA| Mt. Carmel Baptist | Pastor Corky Addison

Be sure to visit our
online calendar for dates and locations through June of 2006. And be sure to visit us when we are in your area...we would love to meet you! 

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