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I have a number of open dates in November, December, January and February. I would be willing to come for a Sunday through Wednesday or a Sunday only. You can contact me at 770-490-5676 or e-mail me at tbgillam@AOL.com

The Priority of Prayer

I recently heard a sermon on prayer that really caused me to take a look at making prayer more of a priority. I have learned that I can only fuel my affections for God by making prayer a priority in my life. In Luke 11:1-2 I find after our Lord prayed His disciples asked Him to teach them to pray. They did not ask to be taught how but simply to pray. Oh how we need to be reminded over and over of the importance of prayer. I came across an acrostic outline for the letters in the word prayer which are; Praise, Repentance, Asked, and Yield. These four when followed can really help to make prayer a priority. In Luke 11:1 the phrase certain place teaches of the need of an appointed place. The disciples even Judas knew of this place for he went there the night of the arrest. May we have a time appointed and a place to meet with our Lord. I find He had an effective passion for on several occasions He prayed all night. I see also an adorned person in Luke 9:29 when He prayed His countenance was altered. Oh how prayer will often not change the circumstances but it will always change us. I see also there is an available power in Luke 11:8 because of prayer we can be given all that we need as well as in verse 13 there will be more of the Holy Ghost through prayer. All I can say to these truths is this, let us pray.

The Progress of The People

This year has brought many blessings. Tom is now officially ‘old’ as his Medicare has kicked in. It is a blessing to have help with the few medical needs he has. He still continues to travel, preach, write and study tirelessly. We are so thankful for good health.

The grandchildren are growing physically but most importantly spiritually. We have been blessed by Noah, Charlie, and Claire’s recent professions of faith. Their parents have been so faithful to teach them the Word of God and for this we are thankful. It is our desire to see all 15 grow in grace and to serve the Lord.

We had our summer reunion with the whole family in July. We cherish these days and the memories that are made. My personal favorite time is morning devotions on the beach with them. If they only have one memory of these days I hope it will be of our mornings together.

Thank you for your interest in our ministry. We covet your prayers as the Lord continues to direct our path in the future days.

The Gilliam Family

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